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Unless noted otherwise, all 2016 season photos are by Larry Goldman,
and all 2018 season photos are by Tom Hickman.

Photo by Margaret Goldman

Standing, (L to R): Jesse Rogers (5), Dave Koberlein (18), Boyd St.Clair (17), Ben Schaeffer (7), Roger Percival (16), Ed Branch (21), Norm Poch (10), Field Manager Tom Rowlee (44) , Ken Koran (20), Larry Davis (22), Bill Mann (11), Larry Goehrig (umpire)

Kneeling, (L to R): Bernie Dearborn (19), Joe Persaud (15), Larry Goldman (4),
General Manager Bob Francesconi (2)

Not shown: Mike Carrubba, Don Dunlap, Rod Kerridge

Photo by Margaret Goldman
November 1, 2017: Royal Harbor 13 at Holiday Travel 11

Larry Davis has his eye on the ball.

Bob Francesconi charges for an infield popup.

Bill Hartness makes a good play at 2nd.

Larry Davis returns the ball to pitcher Tom Rowlee
after putout at 1st.

Rod Kerridge fields a fly ball in right-center.

Neil Rentschler is safe at 3rd on close play.

Bill Hartness takes a throw from 1st for forceout at 2nd.

Boyd St.Clair puts a good swing on a high pitch.
October 30, 2017: Arlington Ridge 8 at Royal Harbor 22

Gary Santoro puts a good swing to a good pitch... does Roger Percival.

The low throw gets past Ed Branch at first base,
but Bob Francesconi is there to back up the play.

Boyd St.Clair fields a base hit to left.

Bill Hartness shows good batting form.

Bill Mann reaches for an outside pitch.

Neil Rentschler looks on as Nick Campitello returns the ball to the infield.

Lou Branding is safe at first on a close play.

Mike Perry has just fielded a ground ball
and throws to first for the out.

Tom Rowlee pitched his usual good game.

Ed Branch watches the ball all the way to the bat.

Neil Rentschler gets full extension on his swing.
February 22, 2016: Legacy 7 at Royal Harbor 8

Ed Branch keeps his eye on the ball for this 6th-inning 3-run single.

Bob Francesconi pivots at 2nd and throws to 1st. We didn't make the double-play, but we got the lead runner.

Ken Koran shows his usual good form as he puts the front of the bat on the back of the ball.

Ken Koran has just fielded a ground ball at shortstop. He fires to first for the 6-3 killing.

Roger Percival dives for a sinking line drive in right field.

Ben Schaeffer puts a nice swing on this ball. This one went for a single.

Boyd St.Clair goes back and to his right to make a good catch on this fly ball.

Larry Davis ends the game with this 3-unassisted play. Legacy had the tying run on 3rd and was threatening.

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