2018 Season Schedule

Game time is 10 AM unless noted otherwise.

Until February 5, Royal Harbor home games are played at Stover Field.
Beginning February 12, Royal Harbor home games are played at Woodlea Field.

If field availability prevents a game from being played at the home team's field, it will be annotated in maroon in the schedule below, and notice will be provided on the website's home page.

The most recent gameday and the next gameday are shown with a white background. Click here to go to those gamedays.

For completed games, winning teams are shown in green, and losing teams are shown in red.

For the entire Lakes League schedule, click here.

Royal Harbor Softball - Regular Season Schedule
Gameday Matchup
October 2017
Monday, October 30Arlington Ridge 8 at Royal Harbor 22
November 2017
Wednesday, November 1Royal Harbor 13 at Holiday Travel  11
Monday, November 6Spanish Village 7 at Royal Harbor 6
Wednesday, November 8Royal Highlands 23 at Royal Harbor 18
Monday, November 13 (9:30 AM)Royal Harbor 9 at Plantation HZ 10
Wednesday, November 15Bye
November 16 through November 26Thanksgiving Holiday
Monday, November 27Royal Harbor 3 at Highland Lakes 5
Wednesday, November 29 (9:30AM)Royal Harbor 18 at Spanish Village 15
December 2017
Monday, December 4Royal Harbor 16 at Holiday Travel  4
Wednesday, December 6 (11:00 AM)Royal Harbor 25 at Arlington Ridge 19 (played at Spanish Village)
Monday, December 11 (11:00AM)Royal Harbor 21 at Royal Highlands (Div. 3) 22
Wednesday, December 13 (9:00 AM)Royal Harbor 9 at Plantation (HotZone) 6
December 14 through January 7Holiday Break
January 2018
Monday, January 8Royal Harbor 9 at Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 12
Wednesday, January 10Highland Lakes at Royal Harbor (postponed to 2/5)
Monday, January 15Spanish Village 20 vs. Royal Harbor 0 (played at Spanish Village)
Wednesday, January 17Holiday Travel 34 at Royal Harbor 19
Monday, January 22Arlington Ridge 20 at Royal Harbor 16
Wednesday, January 24Royal Highlands (Div. 3) 16 at Royal Harbor 9
Monday, January 29Plantation HZ at Royal Harbor - postponed to ?
Wednesday, January 31Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 13 at Royal Harbor 11
February 2018
Monday, February 5Royal Harbor 13 at Highland Lakes 8
Highland Lakes 15 vs. Royal Harbor 7 (postponed from 1/10, (played at Highland Lakes)
Wednesday, February 7 (11:00 AM)Royal Harbor 2 at Spanish Village 15
Monday, February 12Holiday Travel 13 at Royal Harbor 14 (Woodlea field!)
Wednesday, February 14Royal Harbor 0 at Arlington Ridge 15
Monday, February 19 (9:30 AM)Royal Harbor 4 at Royal Highlands (Div. 3) 19
Wednesday, February 21Plantation HZ 16 at Royal Harbor 14
Monday, February 26Royal Harbor 4 at Royal Highlands (Div. 2) 13
Wednesday, February 28Highland Lakes 7 at Royal Harbor 11
March 2018
Monday, March 5Make-up
Wednesday, March 7Make-up
Monday, March 12Postseason tournament begins
For the entire Lakes League schedule, see below.

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