Lakes Softball League
2018 Season Standings

(including all reported games through March 5, 2018)

Division 1
Team Games W/L Record Runs
Won Lost W-L Pct GB Streak Last 5 Away Home Scored Allowed Diff.
Graffiti Junktion 21 3 18 0.875 0.0 W9 4-0 11-1 10-2 421 229 192
Plantation (JB Golfcars) 20 5 15 0.800 1.5 W4 4-1 10-3 10-2 372 265 107

Division 2
Team Games W/L Record Runs
Won Lost W-L Pct GB Streak Last 5 Away Home Scored Allowed Diff.
Arlington Ridge 16 10 6 0.615 0.0 L2 3-2 8-6 8-4 412 354 58
Oakwood 10 14 -4 0.417 5.0 L5 0-4 5-6 5-8 346 354 -8
Summit Greens 6 20 -14 0.231 10.0 W1 2-3 3-10 3-10 289 409 -120
Plantation (Clean as a Whistle) 6 21 -15 0.222 10.5 L1 1-4 4-7 2-14 324 448 -124

Division 3
Team Games W/L Record Runs
Won Lost W-L Pct GB Streak Last 5 Away Home Scored Allowed Diff.
Royal Highlands 19 8 11 0.704 0.0 W2 4-1 9-5 10-3 466 330 136
Spanish Village 18 8 10 0.692 0.5 W4 5-1 9-4 9-4 362 256 106
Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 15 9 6 0.625 2.5 W1 5-1 7-6 8-3 288 279 9
Highland Lakes 14 12 2 0.538 4.5 L4 1-5 8-5 6-7 285 315 -30
Plantation (Hot Zone) 11 13 -2 0.458 6.5 L1 2-2 6-5 5-8 263 326 -63
Royal Harbor 9 17 -8 0.346 9.5 L4 1-4 6-8 3-9 294 367 -73
Holiday Travel 8 18 -10 0.308 10.5 L1 1-3 5-8 3-10 339 387 -48
Arlington Ridge 6 21 -15 0.222 13.0 L1 2-4 2-12 4-9 240 382 -142
"Last 5" refers to the last 5 gamedays, not necessarily the last 5 games played by any team.
The team "Royal Highlands (from Div. 2)"  transferred from  Division 2 to Division 3 on December 4, 2017.

Reports on the following games have not been received:
(Postponed games remain listed as unreported until rescheduled.)
Dec. 13: Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) at Highland Lakes
Jan. 10: Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) at Spanish Village
Jan. 29: Graffiti Junktion at Plantation JBG
Jan. 29: Oakwood at Summit Greens

Jan. 29: Plantation CAAW at  Arlington Ridge
Feb. 28: Graffiti Junktion at Oakwood
Feb. 28: Plantation HZ at Holiday Travel

Game Summaries
(in reverse chronological order)

March 6, 2018:
Highland Lakes 8 at Royal Highlands 12, by John Rutroff

February 28, 2018:
Highland Lakes 7 at Royal Harbor 11, by Bob Francesconi: This game marks the end of what can be viewed only as a disappointing season. At the outset, we thought that we had our best team ever, and that we would certainly finish at or near the top of the division. As it played out, we finished 6th out of 8 teams in Division 3.  At least, we finished with a win, but it's scant consolation.

Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 7 at Spanish Village 8, by Butch Tanner: Well all good things must come to a end sooner or later. The lack of hitting cost us the game today. Defense was great but the hitting was not there.

Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 7 at Spanish Village 8, by Darryl Oberlin: What a great game, we trailed the entire game, but our team had a rally in the 7th and 8th inning. We tied the game in the 8th and with two outs and 1 man on, Bob Garcia delivered a long ball off the fence in center field to drive in the winning run. Great defensive plays held us in the game until our sticks could deliver. Thanks to Royal Highlands for the most exciting game we have played.

Arlington Ridge 15 at Royal Highlands 17, by Gene Gunderson: Arlington Ridge led off the first two innings with Royal Highlands coming back in the middle innings to go ahead.  Arlington Ridge made a strong comeback in the 8th inning, but fell short by 2 runs.

Plantation CAAW 8 at Summit Greens 10, by Dan Bocker

February 26, 2018:
Royal Harbor 4 at Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 13, by Bob Francesconi: After the previous game, it seemed that Royal Harbor might finally be starting to get the offense going again, but this loss indicates otherwise. Kudos to the 5 players on the Offensive Leaders chart, but the rest of the team contributed a total of only 2 hits to the offensive effort. Even in our division, a 4-run offense won't win many games. Maybe we're just waiting for the postseason tournament to break out of these doldrums (we hope). 

Highland Lakes 2 at Arlington Ridge 16, by John Rutroff:
Seems they have homerun hitters now.

Royal Highlands (Div. 3) 24 at Plantation HZ 8, by Greg Alms: Congratulations to the Royal Highlands team, they hit very well.

Royal Highlands (Div. 3) 24 at Plantation HZ 8, by Gene Gunderson: Royal Highlands came out swinging, took the lead from the start, and never looked back.  HZ tried to make a comeback the bottom of the 8th but fell short.

Plantation CAAW 22 at Oakwood 7, by Tom Smith: Contrary to our last few games, this game is one I'm happy to write about.  CAAW play an outstanding game with great hitting, error free defense, and excellent pitching by Tom Joaquin.  CAAW held Oakwood to 7 runs scored with a 3 run HR by Pablo Perez in the 1st, a HR with no one on by Kenny Todd in the 3rd, and another 3 run HR by Pablo Perez in the 5th.  Leading hitters were Jim Baker (4/4) with 2 HR's; Ted Hockstad & Bob Rademacher (4/4) each with a double; Tom Ruffner & Gary Beul (3/3); Tom Smith (3/4) with a double; Clay Brooks (2/3); Darryl Cook, Ken Ochs & Bill Richman (2/4); and Chuck Blasko with a home run.

Summit Greens 10 at Plantation JBG 15, by Ken Geissler: We had 13 hits in the first 2 innings and took a 10 - 3 lead but Summit Greens scored 2 in the third and 4 in the fourth to make the score 10 - 9.  We had 7 hits in the fifth inning which turned into 5 more runs, giving us a 15 - 9 lead.  Summit Greens scored 1 in the 7th and that was all either team scored in the last 3 innings, making the final score 15 - 10.
Plantation JB Golfcars Stats:  Putt Cowens (2B) 4 - 4.  Bill Magley (2B), Ted Hockstad (2B), Craig Woodcock (2B) & Danny Smith 3 - 4.  Denny Jabs 2 - 3.  Rod Wood (2B), Bob Munster & Ken Geissler 2 - 4.

Holiday Travel 9 at Spanish Village 12, by Darryl Oberlin:
Another close contest. We held the lead most of the game, but HT made a comeback and almost caught us in their bottom of the 8th. It took an unusual double play to secure the win for us. It seems that the teams are getting closer in strength as the season progresses.

February 21, 2018:
Plantation HotZone 16 at Royal Harbor 14, by Bob Francesconi: This was a very competitive affair, with two evenly-matched teams both giving good performances. It had a little of everything: power  hitting, good pitching, and exciting (sometimes chaotic) baserunning, but it was marred by the 12 errors between the two teams. Kudos to Lou Branding for his 4th-inning Grand Slam!

Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 22 at Highland Lakes 6, by Butch Tanner: Today game was a close early. Then our batting and defense came alive. Our defense turned a triple play to start. Then the flood gates open up. Hit after hit, after the inning was over we scored 7 runs in last inning.

Holiday Travel 17 at Royal Highlands 16, by Gene Gunderson: Making this short and sweet.  Royal Highlands #3 team lost to Holiday Travel with a score of 17-16.  It was a very good game...there were 3 lead changes, 2 innings were tied, and Royal Highlands failed to score in the final inning to win the game.  Good game Holiday Travel!

Plantation JBG 15 at Oakwood 11, by Ken Geisller: We started out hot scoring 4 runs in the 1st, 3 in the 2nd and 5 in the 3rd to take a 12 - 2 lead after 3 innings but we came up empty in the 4th and 5th.  Oakewood scored 2 in the 4th and 5 in the 5th to make the score 12 - 9 after 5 innings.  After that we scored 3 more runs and Oakwood scored 2.  Therefore, the final score was 15 - 11.
Plantation JB Golfcars Stats:  Putt Cowens (3B) (2B) 4 - 4.  Rod Wood (HR) 4 - 5.  Jerry Palazzolo (HR) 4 - 5.  Larry Williamson (2B) 3 - 4.  Bill Magley (2B) 3 - 4.  Ken Geissler 3 - 4.  Bob Munster 2 - 3.  John Dicenso 3 - 5.

Graffiti Junktion 21 at Plantation CAAW 4, by Tom Smith: There isn't anything fun about playing Graffiti Junktion and watching them hit home runs over the fence.  In 5 innings, Graffiti hit 1 HR in the 1st, 2 HR's in the 3rd & 1 HR in the 4th, plus 4 more in the 5th that were counted as singles.  CAAW had 8 hits, scoring 2 runs each in the 1st inning with a HR by Jim Baker with one on and again in the 4th with a HR by Ted Hockstad with one on. 

Summit Greens 20 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 2) 21, by Mike Payne: Arlington Ridge D2 defeated Summit Green by a score of 21 to 20, coming up with 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th to clinch the victory. Going 5 for 5 and turning a great double play to end the top of the 8th inning was fast Freddy Schenider. Mike Payne went 5 for 6 and hit for the cycle. Don Wolshleger was 4 for 4 as a DH. and Chad Baldwin also had 4 hits for the ridges who had 28 hits for the game. Ralph Satoloe turned a nice double play at 3rd for AR. Arlington Ridge is a little banged up from injuries and will be forfeiting Mondays game to Grafitti Junction due to lack of players. Wednesdays game against Plantation is also up in the air due to player injuries.

Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 6 at Spanish Village 9, (postponed from January 29) and
Spanish Village 9 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 6, by Mike Payne: Arlington Ridge D3 lost both games of a double header on Wednesday. Both Games ended by a score of 9-6 with Spanish Village winning both games

Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 6 at Spanish Village 9, (postponed from January 29) and
Spanish Village 9 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 6, by Darryl Oberlin: Make up game from 1/29/18.  Arlington Ridge 6 Spanish Village 9. A closely contested game, making it lots of fun. Regular scheduled game Arlington Ridge 6 Spanish Village 9 another game similar to the first with the same result.

February 19, 2018:
Royal Harbor 4 at Royal Highlands 20, by Bob Francesconi: For the second straight game, Royal Harbor lost a game by invoking the "Mercy Rule" (15-run difference after 5 innings). Royal Highlands came to this game ready to play. They poked hit after hit, and they scored most of them. Considering the way they played, we probably would not win, but we could have hoped for a better showing than this.

Plantation HotZone 4 at Spanish Village 13, by Darryl Oberlin: 
Game closer than score indicates. Spanish Village played solid defense and had a 5 run 6th inning  to sew up the game.

Arlington Ridge 4 at Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 19, by Mike Payne: Terry Oherline hit a home run for Arlington Ridge. The AR D3 team plays a double header on Wednesday at Spanish Village.

Oakwood 4 at Arlington Ridge 17, by Mike Payne: The Ridges played great defense with no errors in the field. Ralph Satoloe, Jim Miller, and Frank Stangle all had several great defensive plays for the Arlington Ridge. Jerry Nally went 4 for 4 and Ralph Satoloe was 3 for 3 for AR, while the following players each went 3 for 4, Mike Payne, Don Wolshlegger, and Frank Stangle. The Ridges are back in action on Wednesday at Pear Park at 10, against Summit Green.

Plantation JBG 19 at Plantation CAAW 3, by Tom Smith: Not much to say about this game except we lost.  With only 8 hits in 7 innings, CAAW was lucky to score 3 runs, 1 in the 1st and 2 in the 7th

Plantation JBG 19 at Plantation CAAW 3, by Ken Geissler: The last time we played CAAW they jumped out ahead of us early with a 10 - 0 lead.  The time before that they lead early 10 - 1 but this time they never really got their bats going like we know that they can.  Both teams scored 1 run in the 1st inning.  Both teams went scoreless in the 2nd inning but in the 3rd inning our bats got hot and we scored 5 runs.  1 run in the 4th, 5 in the 5th, 2 in the 6th and 5 more in the 7th gave us the victory. 
Plantation JB Golfcars Stats:  Putt Cowens (2B) 5 - 5.  Craig Woodcock (3B) 3 - 3.  Ken Geissler 2(HR) (2B) 3 - 4.  Rod Wood 2(HR) 2 - 3.  Jerry Palazzolo (2B) 3 - 5.  Bob Munster (2B), Larry Williamson and Bill Magley (2B) were all 2 - 4.

Highland Lakes 16
at Holiday Travel 9, by Butch Tanner:
As you all can see since it is the new year Holiday is not the super team many of you said we are.I don't have last names,Tony G. hit to monster home run out of the park.John F.3hits,Mike R.,Jim E.,Greg,Billy A,all with 2 hits.For HolidayButchT.,Dave D.,Charlie H.Patrick F.,Ray W.,Bob S.All had two hits.

Summit Greens 9 at Graffiti Junktion 24, by Ron Bontrager: Graffiti Junktion jumped out to an early lead but Summit Greens came back to make it a close game at 11-9 before Graffiti pulled away for a 24-9 win.

February 14, 2018:
Royal Harbor 0 at Arlington Ridge 15, by Bob Francesconi: The only good aspect of this game was that Tom Rowlee wisely opted to stop the bleeding by invoking the 15-run Mercy Rule after 5 innings.

Royal Harbor 0 at Arlington Ridge 15, by Mike Payne: Arlington Ridge D3 picked up their 4th win of the season with a 15-0 shutout of Royal Harbor. Terry Oehrline hit a home run and the entire team played great defense.

Arlington Ridge 30 at Plantation CAAW 18, by Tom Smith: As has been our pattern with Arlington Ridge, it was a high scoring game for both sides.  Unfortunately, Arlington Ridge did more scoring than CAAW.  Both teams started the 1st inning with 5 runs.  However, Arlington Ridge continued to score in all but the 6th inning while holding CAAW scoreless in the 2nd & 6th innings.  Leading hitters were Dave Lanier (3/5) with a double & home run; Bill Richman, Gary Beul, Bob Rademacher, Pat Smith (3/4) Beul & Smith each with a double; Ken Ochs with a double & Jim Baker with a home run.

Arlington Ridge 30 at Plantation CAAW 18, by Mike Payne: It was a good Valentine s day for Arlington Ridge. Division 2 AR defeated Plantation D2 by a score of 30 to 18. Jim Korolowicz not only pitched a good game he made several nice fielding plays and went 5 for 5 at the plate. He wishes his golf game was that good. Kenny Mahoney went 5 for 5 with two home runs, including a solo shot, and a double. Mike Payne, Frank Spangle, Ralph Sataloe, and Jim Miller all went 4 for five, including a home run by Frank and 3 doubles by Jim, money, Miller. Bob Blasi was 3 for 3 before getting injured and Freddy Schnieder also had 3 hits

Plantation HotZone 12 at Highland Lakes 7, by John Rutroff:

Spanish Village 6 at Royal Highlands 13, by Gene Gunderson:
It was a really good game and Spanish Village put on a real defensive game for most of the innings, but Royal Highland's offense proved to be too much.

Summit Greens 24 at Oakwood 21, by Dan Bocker:

Plantation JBG 6 at Graffiti Junktion 14, by Ken Geissler:
JB Golfcars led 4 - 3 after 3 innings but only scored 2 more runs the rest of the game.  Graffiti Juction scored 11 runs from the 4th inning to the end of the game and secured the victory 14 - 6.
JB Golfcars Stats:  Jerry Palazzolo 4 - 4 with 2 inside the park homeruns.  Rod Wood (2B) 2 -2.  Ken Geissler 3 - 4.

February 12, 2018:

Holiday Travel 13 at Royal Harbor 14, by Bob Francesconi: Royal Harbor never trailed in this game, but Holiday Travel was never far behind. We came out of the gate a little faster, but Holiday Travel put together a 4-run 5th and a 6-run 7th to tie the game at 13-13. From that point on, it was anyone's game. After both teams failed to score in the 8th, Royal Harbor finally won the game in the 9th when Bill Eckbreth doubled, Dave Koberlein walked, and Bob Francesconi hit a lazy single over shortstop to score Bill. See also the Offensive Leaders chart.

Highland Lakes 6 at Spanish Village 17, by Darryl Oberlin:
We started slow and they scored on us early. Then our bats can alive and there were some great defensive plays.Both teams played well, we just got more hits today.

Royal Highlands 15 at Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 18, by Gene Gunderson: It was a good game with a major comeback attempt by RH #3 in the 6 & 7 inning.  Their bats got hot and closed the gap.  Unfortunately they fell short in the bottom of the 8th by three runs, giving to win to the RH #2 team.

Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 10 at Plantation HotZone 7, by Mike Payne: Several players for Arlington Ridge made great defensive plays including Terry Oehrline, Bob Wolshegeer, Rich Henderson, and Dan Boughner.

Plantation JBG 16 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 2) 14, by Mike Payne: Arlington Ridge Div 2 lost a tough game to Plantation JB by a score of 16 to 14, after leading by 5 runs after the 6th inning. Frank Stangle, Kenny Mahoney, and Mike Payne all had 3 hits for the Ridges. Chad Baldwin, Kenny Mahoney, and Mike Payne each hit one roundtripper. The Ridges are back in action at 10 at Plantation on Wednesday.

Summit Greens 14 at Plantation CAAW 19, by Tom Smith: This game started out slow.  CAAW scored 2 runs in the 1st but was held scoreless in the 2nd & 3rd innings; while holding SG scoreless through the first 3 innings.  The bats finally came alive in the 4th with SG scoring 5 runs and CAAW scoring 2.  CAAW followed up with 5 runs in each of the 5th, 6th, & 7th innings while holding SG to 3 runs in the 5th, 1 in the 6th, 2 in the 7th & 3 in the 8th.  Top hitters were Ken Ochs & Darryl Cook (3/3) Ochs with a walk & 2 doubles and Cook with a double; Ted Hockstad, Chuck Blasko, Gary Beul, & Tom Ruffner (3/4) Hockstad with a HR, Beul with a triple & double and Ruffner with a double; and Bill Richman (2/3).  Winning pitcher was Tom Joaquin.

Plantation JBG 16 at Arlington Ridge (Division 2) 14, by Ken Geissler:
Arlington Ridge had the lead 13 - 9 after 5 innings but were only able to score 1 run in the final 3 innings while Plantation JBG Golfcars scored 5 in the 7th and 2 more in the 8th giving us the victory 16 - 14.

Plantation JBG Golfcars Stats:  Danny Smith 3 - 3.  Woody Woodland 2(2B) 2 - 2.  Bill Magley (2B)  2 - 2.  Jim Baker 3 - 4.  Ken Geissler (HR) 3 - 4.  Jerry Palazzolo 2 - 3.  Larry Williamson (3B), Denny Jabs, Ted Hockstad and Putt Cowens all had 2 hits.  Rod Wood (HR).

February 7, 2018:
Royal Harbor 2 at Spanish Village 15, by Bob Francesconi: Spanish Village earned this win with great play on both offense and defense. Their infield not only made good plays, they made them look easy. Meanwhile, Royal Harbor's offense didn't show  up, and we managed to score only 2 runs on 13  scattered hits (all singles). It isn't the game of which we are most proud.

Plantation JBG 20 at Summit Greens 14, by Ken Geissler: Both teams came to play.  8 innings were not enough to decide the outcome of todays game.  The 1st inning was the only inning that neither team scored.  We took a 3 – 1 lead in the 2nd inning and were leading 6 – 3 after the 3rd but Summit Greens scored 4 to our 1 in the 4th which tied the score 7 – 7 at the halfway point.  We scored 5 in the 5th but Summit Greens scored 4 in the 6th and 1 in the 7th to once again tie the game 12 – 12 after 7 innings.   In the top of the 8th we scored 2 runs to take a 14 – 12 lead but in the bottom of the 8th, with the pressure on, Summit Greens scored 2 of their own to once again tie the score 14 -14 at the end of regulation.   In the 9th inning we were able to score 6 runs and hold Summit Greens to 0 which gave us the win 20 – 14.  This was a hard fought game clear till the end.   Either team could have easily won.  We are really banged up and were only able to field 9 players but Summit Greens was nice enough to supply us with a catcher.  They are a great bunch of guys.   We always enjoy playing them.
Summit Greens Stats:  I'm sorry, I do not have Summit Greens Stats but just from memory I know that Dan Bocker had a (HR) and (2B) off the fence.  Joe Burgess also hit a (2B) off the fence.
JB Golfcars Stats:  Rod Wood (HR) (2B) 6 – 6.  John Dicenso (HR) 5 – 6.   Jerry Palazzolo (HR) 5 – 6.   Ken Geissler 2(HR) 2(2B) 4 – 6.  Ray Jordan 3 – 5.  Craig Woodcock (2B) 3 – 6.   Denny Jabs 3 – 6.   Putt Cowens (HR).   We were up to bat 53 times with 32 hits.   I think that is the most times at bat we have had in 1 game this year.

Royal Highlands 21 at Highland Lakes 5, by John Rutroff: We were outclassed.

Royal Highlands 21 at Highland Lakes 5, by Gene Gunderson: Royal Highland bats were alive and defense outstanding!  Highland Lakes played tough and didn't give up any easy runs.  Unfortunately their hitting fell short. 

Oakwood 19 at Plantation CAAW 13, by Charlie Boike: Close game all the way, the difference was Pablo's 3 run homer in the 8th, and two long balls by Kenny.

Oakwood 19 at Plantation CAAW 13, by Tom Smith: Although Oakwood played under Division 1 rules and could not use Senior bats, their bats were still hot.  Oakwood led off with 3 runs in the 1st, 5 runs in each the 3rd & 5th, and 6 runs in the last two innings.   CAAW scored in all but the 5th & 6th innings, but they were not able to match Oakwood in runs.  Leading hitters were Gary Beul (4/4) with a double; Jim Baker (3/3) with a double; Ken Ochs, Tom Ruffner & Tom Joaquin (3/4) Ochs with 2 doubles & Ruffner with a double; and Dave Lanier (3/5) with a double.

Graffiti Junktion 15 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 2) 14, by Mike Payne: Jimmy K led AR with four hits. 6 other AR players had 3 hits each. Arlington Ridge plays at Plantation at 12:30 next Monday.

February 5, 2018:
Royal Harbor 13 at Highland Lakes 8, by Bob Francesconi: Royal Harbor finally put together a good offense with an excellent defense and, in doing so, broke its 6-game losing streak. We welcomed aboard Will Worthington, who, in his first game for Royal Harbor, poked a double in his only charged time-at-bat, so he batted 1.000 for the game. If the team can play this well consistently, we should be able to climb in the standings.

Highland Lakes 15 at Royal Harbor 8, by Bob Francesconi: After winning the first game of this double-header, Royal Harbor backslid in the second game, which had been postponed from earlier in the season. The team showed a little offense early in the game, but then went flat, meanwhile committing 5 errors on defense. Kudos to the guys on the Offensive Leaders chart, but there just wasn't enough of them.

Spanish Village 1 at Royal Highlands (from Div. 2) 16, Larry Draper:
We took a 2-0 lead after the first inning and never looked back. Royal Highlands Div.2 16 runs and Spanish Village 1 run.

Arlington Ridge (Div. 2) 26 at Summit Greens 10, by Mike Payne:
Jimmy K, Chad Baldwin, Don Wolslegger, and Kenny Mahoney all had 4 hits for Arlington Ridge. Don, Chad, Kenny, and Mike Payne all hit roundtrippers for the AR.

Plantation CAAW 4 at Graffiti Junktion 22, by Ron Bontrager: On a great morning for softball, Graffiti Junction defeated Plantation CAAW at Pear Park, 22-4.  A classy CAAW team put forth a good effort in this game and it was very much appreciated by Graffiti Junktion.

Royal Highlands 9 at Arlington Ridge (Div. 3) 10, by Gene Gunderson: This was a good game.  Royal Highlands came out swinging and took an early lead.  Arlington Ridge played tough defense in the middle innings which kept the Royal Highlands bats cooled down.  Arlington Ridge's offense came alive and tied the game in the middle innings.  The score remained tied until the 8th inning when they scored the winning run.  It was a good game that could have gone either way.  This time, Arlington Ridge came out on top.

Oakwood 14 at Plantation JBG 15, by Ken Geissler: This game turned into a hitting duel.  Oakwood scored in every inning but 1 and JB Golfcars scored in every inning.  JB Golfcars was ahead 11 - 10 going into the 6th inning when Oakwood scored 2 runs and JB Golfcars scored 4 runs giving JB Golfcars the lead 15 - 12.  Oakwood scored 2 runs in the top of the 7th but came up 1 run short making the final score  JB Golfcars 15 and Oakwood 14.  Jerry Palazzolo was the winning pitcher.

JB Golfcars Stats:  Larry Williamson (HR) (2B) 4 - 4.  Putt Cowens (HR) (2B) 3 - 3.  Denny Jabs 3 - 4.  Ken Geissler (HR) 2 - 2.  Rod Wood 2 - 3.  Danny Smith 2 - 4.  John Dicenso 2 - 4.  Woody Woodland (HR) 2 - 4.

Plantation JBG 5 at Oakwood 4, by Ken Geissler: Both teams had to play several injured players.  Even after calling up players and playing some with the flu, we were only able to come up with 10 players but Oakwood was kind enough to supply a catcher for us.  This turned out to be a pitchers duel.  The score was 4 - 3 going into the bottom of the 6th inning when JB Golfcars scored 2 runs to take the lead 5 - 4.  That proved to be the final score.  Hits were hard to come by.  We only had a total of 14 hits for the game but we are pretty beat up as I think all the teams are right now.  Jerry Palazzolo was the winning pitcher.

JB Golfcars Stats:  Danny Smith 3 - 3.  Rod Wood (HR) 3 - 4.  Bob Munster 2 - 3.  Putt Cowens 2 - 4.

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