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Note: Because of the size of these video files, it may take several seconds for each to download.

2017 Season

Game 5: Highland Lakes 8 at Royal Harbor 20 (11/14/2016)
Bob Francesconi's Good Catch at Shortstop

Game 3: Spanish Village 0 at Royal Harbor 15 (11/7/2016)
Dave Koberlein's Running Backhand Catch
Another Nice 6-4-3 Double Play

2016 Season
Tournament Game 11: Royal Harbor 3 vs. Plantation 7 (3/29/2016)
Committed to Home?

Tournament Game 7: Continental 6 vs. Royal Harbor 15 (3/29/2016)
Joe Persaud Makes a Nice Unassisted Putout
Ken Koran's 2-Run Double
Bob Francesconi has a Busy Day at 2nd Base

Tournament Game 4: Royal Harbor 6 at Clerbrook 9 (3/28/2016)
Larry Goldman's 2 Diving Catches in Left-Center Field

Game 27: Royal Harbor 21 at Holiday Travel 14 (3/16/2016)
Ed Branch Hits an 8th-inning RBI Double
Don Dunlap Hits a 6th-Inning 2-Run Double
Don Dunlap Catches 2 Popups behind the Plate
Dave Koberlein has a Great Day at the Plate

Game 26: Royal Harbor 21 at Clerbrook 22 (3/14/2016)
Jesse Rogers Hits a 3-Run Inside-the-Park Homer
Ben Schaeffer's Nice Catch behind the Plate
Boyd St.Clair's 3-Run Triple
Game 25: Royal Harbor 18 at Continental 4 (3/9/2016)
Ken Koran has a Great Defensive Day
Ed Branch & Bill Mann Pull off a Nice 5-4 Double Play
Rod Kerridge Hits a Leadoff Triple
Joe Persaud Hits a 2-Run Homer

Game 24: Royal Harbor 20 at Spanish Village 15 (3/7/2016)
Ed Branch Hits a 3-Run Inside-the-Park Home Run
Tom Rowlee's Game-Tying RBI Triple
Ken Koran's 9th-Inning RBI Double
Roger Percival's 9th-Inning RBI Double

Game 23: Clerbrook 16 at Royal Harbor 10 (3/2/2016)
Dave Koberlein's 2nd-inning RBI Triple

Oldies but Goodies
Carl DePoy's Quick-Reaction Catch
Ross Fairhall demonstrates the Australian Crawl
Carl DePoy Pitches a 3-Pitch Inning

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